Surface Mining Products

The technology behind our range of surface mining solutions are proven with extensive industry leading research, scale testing, and case studies to support productivity outcomes.

What makes our surface mining products and solutions world-class?

Whether it’s through our proven cast lip systems that offer superior G.E.T. performance, mine safety solutions or dragline bucket solutions, CR wants to help.

Our solutions are designed to increase productivity, promote mine site safety and reduce maintenance requirements.

We also have a supply rate record that is hard to beat. We know customers want their product fast and we work hard to deliver reduced lead times.


CR have a leading range of rigging parts and systems, designed and engineered to endure harsh operating conditions.

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Ground engaging tools (G.E.T)

CR offer a full range of G.E.T. and lock systems to ensure productive mining equipment and optimal performance.

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DipperEdge™ Cast Lip

DipperEdge™ has transformed the standard for rope shovel dippers.

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DecaEdge™ Cast Lip

The DecaEdge™ Cast Lip System employs plane alignment and improved material placement to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership by up to 33%.

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RazerEdge™ Cast Lip

The RazerEdge™ Cast Lip range is designed to replace outdated plate lip systems, on 200t to 500t excavator machines.

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Stingray™ Cast Lip

The Stingray™ Cast Lip range is suited for excavator machines from 500t class and up.

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Hurricane™ Bucket

The CR Hurricane™ dragline bucket represents the new industry standard in bucket design and technology.

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Hurricane™ 2.0 Bucket

The Hurricane™ 2.0 dragline bucket delivers productivity gains of more than 16% compared to conventional dragline buckets.

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Wedgelock™ is the safest, strongest and most reliable locking system for both dragline and hydraulic excavators.

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The Wedgetail™ locking system has been the most trusted and successful adaptor locking system for dragline buckets for more than a decade.

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Our T-Bolt shroud retainer system is tried and proven in all applications of mining.

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CPX™ has been designed and engineered for maximum performance and life.

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CR fabrication services stand up to the toughest operating conditions.

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Long-life DOMITE® offers the ultimate in protection for extreme applications resulting in increased production, less downtime + reduced maintenance costs.

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Conveyor Pulley Lagging

CR Hot Cast Polyurethane lagging offers an ultra-long life product especially suited to new and OEM pulley applications.

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Belt Cleaning Systems

The CR H Series Tungsten primary conveyor belt cleaner is suitable for vulcanised conveyor belt applications where a combination of high-performance cleaning and low maintenance conveyor belt cleaning solution is required.

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Secondary Belt Cleaners

The CR secondary conveyor belt cleaner is designed to situate behind the pulley where the conveyor belt is most stable.

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Belt Stabilising Kits

The CR Single and dual Stabilising Roller assemblies provide conveyor belt stability from both above and below the conveyor belt.

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CR Vee Ploughs use gravity to maintain constant conveyor belt contact whilst long life polyurethane blades reduce servicing requirements to a minimum.

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Conveyor Belt Trackers

The CR Conveyor belt trackers help eliminate belt tracking issues on virtually any conveyor belt application.

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Conveyor Water Control Management

Water Control Management systems are designed to upgrade your conveyor system from dry to wet with minimal outlay.

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Conveyor Skirting Systems

CR Skirting systems are modular, easy to install and maintain and offer extended service life via all our stainless steel construction.

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Berkeley SaberEdge

The Berkeley Forge SaberEdge system delivers productivity and maintenance advantages for your mine site.

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Berkeley TLC Lip

The Berkeley Forge Front End Loader Lip comprises an innovative system with all components mechanically attached to ensure an easy and safe changeout for mine personnel.

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Our solutions are compatible with a wide range of machines

We know our customers have diverse needs, so work to make sure that our surface mining solutions fit a variety of mining machines including:

  • Hydraulic mining excavators
  • Electric rope shovels
  • Wheel loaders
  • Draglines

We help customers optimise their mine sites

We work collaboratively with our customers to understand their needs and identify opportunities for improvement that our products can deliver.

CR works with experts around the globe to ensure our products deliver the benefits we promise.

Worldwide surface mining solutions

We are proud to manufacture our mining products in Australia, China, and the US (California & Washington). To best serve our customers, we have warehouses all over the world, including Australia, China, Chile, Russia and the Americas.

Our lips, G.E.T. and buckets are digging on sites across Australia, the US, Canada, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Russia, and Africa.