Domite®/Laminite® vs Carbide Overlay

Plant down time for rotary breaker reduced to 5 days per year.



Oil Sands

Wear Product
Breaker Screens

The Challenge

  • Maintenance costs and down time – breaker change out is 10 days at each maintenance shut down and a total 30 day per annum.
  • Eliminate confined space work.
  • Reduce maintenance on 3 rotary breaker trommels consisting of 64 screens in each, with various impact row sections.

The Solution

Replace Carbide Overlay screens with specific engineered Domite/Laminite screens.

The Impact

  • Domite Breaker Screens wear protection lasted 24 months with minor repairs.
  • Plant down time for rotary breaker has now reduced to 5 days per annum.
  • 82% savings on yearly cost of ownership

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