World-Leading Mining Technology Solutions

The future of mining is digital. We’re transforming mines with cutting-edge technology.


It’s no longer enough to have the best machines. Maximizing revenue requires continuous optimization with digital mining technology.


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CR Digital Ecosystem Simplified

Our Surface Mining Technology

We’re shaping global mining through cutting-edge digital technology and collaborative partnerships towards a safer, more productive, and sustainable future.

We’re passionate about meeting the current and future challenges of the mining industry, from payload monitoring to GET loss detection systems and data analytics. Our mining industry software and hardware empowers customers to get the whole picture with real-time data, so they can feel completely confident in their decisions.

We support you to improve safety, revenue, and operator performance.

Digital Mining Solutions


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World-Leading Mining Technology Solutions

A Culture of Innovation

Science and engineering innovation lie at the heart of our commitment to ongoing research, product development, and customer problem-solving.

Our core digital capabilities underpinning our advanced solutions include:

  • Mining machine sensing and models: a deep understanding of mining machines forms the foundation for our range of solutions, enabling us to implement reliable sensing and accurate models of mining-class machines.
  • Rugged RF sensing: mining is one of the toughest environments for electronics, particularly the business end of large excavators. We have extensive experience with battery-powered IoT sensors via our GET Trakka sensors.
  • Data analytics and machine learning: our solutions generate data, which becomes the foundation for new insights and more effective mining operations. Our team of data analysts bridges the gap between data and insights, collaborating with our customers to drive real, lasting improvements.
  • Lidar: our experience with Lidar dates back to the late 1990s with a joint project between CSIRO and NASA. Lidar provides an essential building block for autonomous systems and situational awareness, and forms a key part of our technology stack.

A Shared Technology Responsibility

Customer-Centric Support

CR Powered by Epiroc is driven to achieve outcomes for our customers – your success is our success. We know the importance of availability of operational technology in a 24/7 mining operation.

Our team of account managers, regional technicians, and remote engineering support are on the journey with you to generate value from your technology.

Our Analysis & Improvement service crunches the numbers to provide actionable insights. We have a strong team of data analysts who provide support to help you understand the data and then put it to work for you. And if you have questions, our responsive customer support means help is always close at hand.

Scale Testing

We use scale testing to scale down real-world scenarios to test and validate solutions quickly, reliably, and accurately at our Goodna test facility – including scaled-down mining excavators, rope shovels, and draglines. CR Powered by Epiroc’s scale testing delivers on real-world performance within 2% of our scale testing findings.

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