Titan 3330™ Optimizes an Autonomous Iron Ore Fleet

Titan 3330 improved loading performance by increasing operator engagement.


Western Australia

Iron Ore

Digging Conditions

Hydraulic Excavator

Make & Model

The Challenge

The production management team of a prominent Australian mining company in Western Australia recognized the necessity to optimize the payload of their fleet, which includes autonomous trucks dedicated to iron ore operations and crewed backhoe excavators.

A notable issue of insufficient excavator operator engagement resulted in a considerable volume of truck underloads each day, causing unpredictable fluctuations in productivity.

The challenge was enhancing operator involvement with the payload system, enabling them to achieve optimal payloads in every pass consistently. This system aimed to give operators precise information, empowering them to raise the average payload per truck and maximize overall productivity.

The Solution

The Titan 3330 payload management system, integrated into the miner’s fleet of Liebherr backhoes, improves the operator experience by offering real-time gamified interaction and intuitive pass-by-pass feedback. This engaging approach ensures precise truck loading and minimizes underloads and overloads.

Utilizing sensors on the excavator to identify individual bucket cycles and truck payloads, the Titan 3330 screen displays a live summary, presenting each truck and bucket payload. This prompts operators to either match or surpass previous payloads, optimizing the overall truck payload before it departs after loading.

The Orion Data Analytics software played a crucial role in analyzing the data generated by Titan, resulting in enhanced operator performance at the mine.

The Results

Truck payload increased by 8t

198tph increase in production rates

95% operator usage

The Impact

Over a month period, implementing Titan payload optimization on an autonomous iron ore fleet resulted in
significant improvements:

  • Raised truck average payload by 8 tonnes
  • Operational production rate increased by 198TPH
  • Decreased truck fill spread from 12.4% to 11.9%
  • Decreased underloads by 14.2%
  • Truck filling time was reduced by 1.2 seconds

Following the initial implementation phase, 95% of the operators logged in, significantly boosting the
mine site productivity thanks to their increase in engagement with Titan 3330.



Example of an Orion report, Truck Count per Load Classification and Truck Payload Distribution.


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