Titan 3330™ Monitors Machine Attachment Duty

Titan 3330 reduced machine duty factor by 15%.


Hunter Valley, Australia


Digging Conditions


Make & Model
Liebherr R9800

The Challenge

An Australian mining contractor operating in New South Wales commissioned a new ultra-class mining excavator. A short time into the excavator’s life, signs of overutilization began to emerge. Although the asset was achieving excellent production rates, the miner had no way of quantifying and monitoring machine attachment duty.

The challenge was to record and report duty to both maintenance and production teams, provide a method of self-regulation for operators, and reduce overall machine duty.

The Solution

CR Digital’s experienced field technicians worked with the miner to install Titan 3330 on a Liebherr R9800 backhoe. Titan 3330 can minimize machine duty by providing real-time, pass-by-pass feedback to operators on the major attachments through hydraulic cylinder monitoring.

Sensors fitted on the excavator identify bucket cycles and map hydraulic circuit loads at high frequencies. A duty summary of each bucket cycle is reported live on the Titan 3330 user interface.

Once the system was installed and commissioned, CR Digital rolled out comprehensive operator training on the intuitive system. The miner was provided with Orion Data Analytics to measure the impact.

The Impact

Titan 3330 delivered:

  • 15% decrease in machine duty factor
  • 20% reduction in machine duty per tonne
  • 10.5% fewer elevated and high duty events
  • 4% fewer truck underloads (equating to an additional 24,000 tonnes of material)
  • 2.8% increase in instantaneous productivity*
  • 1% higher truck fill factor (compared to truck rated capacity)
  • 2% decrease in truck payload standard deviation (falling to 8%)

*Tramming and idle time not included



Decrease in machine duty factor


Reduction in machine duty per Tonne


Reduction of elevated and high duty events


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