Orion Data Analytics for Mining Optimization

Get actionable insights to take your mining productivity to the next level.


Orion stores your data in the cloud, so you can access it anywhere, on any device, to make decisions with complete confidence.


Unlock Smarter Decisions

Make data-driven decisions by bringing your operators, machines, and numbers into alignment with data analysis. Easily share data from Titan 3330 and Thunderbird 1110 with those who need it so every team member can see the big picture. Get access to key metrics including:

  • Truck Payload Compliance: know how accurately your trucks are loaded so you can enhance the productivity of your load and haul circuit.
  • Dig Unit Productivity: the productivity of your diggers is a function of tonnes x time. Accurate bucket payloads aren’t enough for optimal performance – efficient swing times and fill times are also required. Find ways to grow your productivity by loading haul trucks efficiently.
  • Operator Performance Scorecards: individual operators can have a significant impact on productivity. Reduce variability in your operations by identifying the specific areas of training each operator needs.
  • Machine Attachment Duty: every machine has a normal rate of fatigue and wear. By tracking stress each digging cycle, we can identify machines experiencing unexpected fatigue, so you can correct digging techniques before unplanned repairs are needed.

Product Features

Short Interval Control

Ideal for daily decision making. Get scheduled reporting after each shift to stay on track.

Advanced Mining Data Analytics

Custom analytics based on what you need for production, maintenance, and business decisions.

Integrated with Your Systems

The open API breaks down silos between drill & blast and load & haul data, integrated into your existing mining software systems.

Clearer Insights. Better Decisions.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. But drowning in data never helped anyone. Orion makes it easy to make data-backed decisions with custom reports at scheduled intervals.

Combine with our Analysis & Improvement data analysis service to help interpret your data, set goals, and create actionable plans to:

  • Identify machines experiencing abnormal stress and intervene early
  • Know which operators need additional training and in what areas
  • Compare how well matched your buckets are with truck payload to avoid inefficient half passes
  • See at a glance how you’re tracking towards production goals, drilling down into individual machine daily performance
  • And much more

Keep Your Data Together

See all your important information from Titan 3330, Thunderbird 1110, and GET Trakka in one place. Easily visualize your data via reports, charts, and dashboards. Make sure everyone has access to the specific data they need; no clunky spreadsheets required.


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