GET Trakka™ GET Loss Detection System

Real-time GET detection for wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators (backhoes and face shovels), and electric rope shovels.


GET Trakka takes the guesswork out of lost GET. Unlike other solutions, GET Trakka provides both immediate GET loss alarms and the ability to locate lost components on the ground.

Avoid Costly Crusher Events

Lost teeth and GET can have an outsized impact on operations, from lost productivity to unplanned bucket maintenance due to damage. The most serious outcome is a crusher event. When GET jams the crusher, there can be catastrophic safety risks and production delays totaling millions of dollars.

GET Trakka provides real-time bucket tooth and GET monitoring and enables fast and safe location and recovery of broken GET before it gets to the crusher. For wheel loaders, backhoes, face shovels, and electric rope shovels.


Product Features

Portable Scanner

It’s one thing to know you’ve lost a tooth, it’s another to be able to find it quickly and easily. Now you can with GET Trakka’s portable scanner.

Reliable Detection

We embed sensors inside GET steel for unrivaled protection, durability, and reliability, minimizing false alarms.

Instant Alerts

When you lose a tooth, you need to know within seconds. Our GET tooth loss detection system immediately notifies operators, so no time is lost.

Minimize Down time and Maintenance

Digging after losing a GET component exposes your lip and bucket to premature wear and damage. GET Trakka alerts operators so they can immediately stop digging, avoiding unnecessary damage to the lip system and minimizing unplanned maintenance.


GET Loss Detection You Can Trust

Our IoT-connected sensors create a reliable alarm system with very low levels of false alarms. You can depend on GET Trakka with complete confidence.


Easily Find Your Lost GET

Don’t lose precious time pausing production to look for lost GET. When GET goes missing, the portable scanner can quickly find it before it enters the crusher.


Smarter Maintenance Planning

Understand your data with reports on individual loss events, including times and locations. Use this data to understand why GET was lost or broken. You’ll love having access to data around GET usage, component reliability, change out intervals, and predicted change out times.



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