Mining Maintenance Management & On-Site Support

Take control of your mining asset maintenance and cost planning.


Combining our X-Calibre™ app and on-site support, we help our customers make smarter maintenance decisions for their digging assets.

Our Site Support Process

Our site account managers are on site as often as needed, sometimes weekly, to inspect any installed CR products, including GET, lips, buckets, conveyor belts, and Titan 3330.

The goal is to become embedded in your operations, gaining deep knowledge of your unique site conditions, maintenance practices, and operational goals.

Our original i3R (Inspect, Record, Report, Recommend) ethos set a standard in mining equipment monitoring. Now digitalized via the X-Calibre app, our core approach remains the same.

  • Regular inspections of all CR products for wear and maintenance issues
  • Record the inspection data
  • Provide an in-depth report with actionable operational insights
  • Recommend opportunities for performance growth and preventative maintenance

X-Calibre is our condition monitoring and performance reporting app, providing predictive maintenance insights for mining operations. Our site account managers use the app to conduct inspections and store the data. Once an inspection is completed, the app compiles a report and shares it, before we even leave site. This gives the maintenance teams immediate, actionable information.


Product Features

Software Plus Service

X-Calibre is a combination of our on-site inspections and sophisticated data gathering and analysis, designed to help you be confident in your maintenance practices.

Access Via Any Device

Access your reports on any device via our proprietary app.

Stored in the Cloud

All data and reports are stored in a central server, so your data is always accessible, never siloed in a spreadsheet.

Immediate, Actionable Reports

The X-Calibre app is where our digital capabilities and on-site support meet to provide predictive maintenance insights for mines. Our team is regularly on site. We combine that expertise with data from X-Calibre to create fully customizable reports, enabling you to make intelligent maintenance decisions for your digging assets.

X-Calibre allows our site account managers to quickly and accurately inspect machines and give our customers actionable information in almost real-time. Since X-Calibre is a mobile app, our site account managers can send reports as soon as they’ve finished their inspection, so sites can move quickly on pressing maintenance decisions.


Proactive Maintenance Planning

An optimized mining maintenance management program ensures your diggers are performing at their highest levels of productivity. A key component of a strong program is visibility on the condition of your buckets and GET so you can make informed decisions around when to conduct maintenance.

Machine health insights and condition reports provide everything you need to know for your next maintenance day, from what to change out to when to do it. Make maintenance decisions with confidence and reduce machine down time.


Keep Profitability Front and Center

Do you know how profitable each tonne is? Our Total Cost of Ownership reports will help you answer key questions like whether your current fleet contains the best machines for the job or how much to budget for future GET consumption. You’ll love seeing at a glance if you’re on track to meet performance KPIs.


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