Free GET Masterclass: Reduce Your Mining Excavator TCO

Add 5%+ excavator productivity and reduce your mining fleet’s TCO.


GET is no longer about $/KG of steel. Join us to find out how GET is a key contributor to increasing excavator productivity by up to 5%.

Across our six-part masterclass series, you will hear from experts about how GET and digital technologies can add 5% plus productivity to your excavator performance while reducing Total Cost of Ownership of your mining fleet.

Through the series, you’ll learn how advanced engineering design, world-class manufacturing, collaborative site support, advanced data analytics, and an optimized and secure supply chain will deliver reduced TCO and increased productivity.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Excavator loading haul truck

GET is no longer about $/kg of steel

What would a 5%+ improvement in productivity mean for your site?

You’ll hear from industry experts on how GET and digital technologies can add 5%+ to your excavator performance.

  • The role GET plays in improving productivity
  • How you can reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • The critical role GET plays in reducing swing time and improving bucket fill factor
Dragline GET

GET engineering design for performance

If you could change one aspect of an excavator’s GET to maximize its productivity, what would it be?

Join us to learn about the key engineering techniques and tools CR Powered by Epiroc uses to maximize excavator tonnage and hear about what we are engineering next.

  • How do you engineer a bucket tooth that will go the distance despite the massive impacts and stresses it experiences?
  • What can be accomplished when you require ultra-rapid GET engineering design and development to meet a pressing challenge encouraged by your mining operation
  • The future of GET engineering
Welding GET

How GET is manufactured for quality

What are the three critical areas when casting lips and GET that ensure the highest performance outcome?

Hear from our Australian foundry experts on the technology and processes used to manufacture cast lips and GET to exceed the productivity and TCO expectations of today’s mining industry.

  • Critical steps in the cast lip and GET foundry manufacturing process that determine quality, strength, and durability
  • How we leverage 40+ years of foundry expertise for rapid GET development
  • How the CR Powered by Epiroc foundry manufactures GET prototypes to meet specific challenges encountered by mining operations
Bucket GET

GET site service and maintenance must-dos

How many maintenance hours do you save with a bucket/GET Site Technical Specialist at your disposal?

Learn from our site technical specialists on how to maintain your GET to deliver and sustain maximum productivity and safety, as well as lowest TCO.

  • How to maximize excavator productivity through optimizing GET performance and wear life
  • Best practice to maximize safe and effective maintenance practices and reduce cost of ownership
  • The key contributors and tips for best in class GET maintenance

Note: this session relates primarily to our Australian audience

Bucket GET

GET supply chain and logistics essentials

If supply chain isn’t about the $/kg of steel, what is important?

Join us to hear how an experienced international supply chain team and unique systems and processes make the difference in receiving GET on time, in full, no matter the global situation.

  • How CR Powered by Epiroc manages our supply chain to ensure you have your GET when and where you need it under any conditions
  • What we think is essential when providing supply chain certainty to our customers
  • How our people in the CR Powered by Epiroc supply chain can achieve a consistent DIFOT of over 95% under any conditions
Backhoe excavator on mine site

Data & analytics insights for excavator optimization

Are you leading or lagging? Are your excavator operators flying blind? What if you could improve productivity by 15%?

Join us to hear how the CR Powered by Epiroc Analysis and Improvement team partner with you to break down big data to drive sustainable productivity improvements for your load haul circuit.

  • How to improve your payload compliance and safely drive productivity improvements of 15%+ across the entire load haul fleet
  • How Titan 3330 delivers load haul optimization by providing operators accurate bucket by bucket payload visibility in real-time
  • How Titan 3330 delivers excavator productivity by improving payload to target compliance, reducing overloads, and maximizing dig efficiency and excavator performance
  • Delivering lasting change with CR Powered by Epiroc’s Analysis and Improvement on-site collaborative services

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Add 5%+ excavator productivity and reduce your mining fleet’s TCO.

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