Bucket Lips Engineered for Productivity

Explore our extensive range of machined and cast lips for mining class hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, and rope shovels.


Backed by our exacting design and rigorous testing protocol, our mining lip systems are proven to increase productivity and reduce maintenance requirements across a range of digging conditions and machines.

DecaEdge Cast Lip for Wheel Loaders

Cast Lips for Surface Mining

We generally recommend bucket cast lips for high production, where the goal is to move as much dirt as possible without damaging the machine or lip. As our lips are cast in a single piece, they can be made stronger using less steel, increasing your bucket payloads while eliminating failure-associated down time.

Our mining cast lip systems are available for wheel loaders (DecaEdge), rope shovels (DipperEdge), and hydraulic excavators (Stingray and RazerEdge).

Machined Lips for Surface Mining

Our machined mining lip systems are super robust, suited for hard digging conditions or where maintenance is limited.

They are an upgrade to your traditional plate lip. From one-touch installation to an intuitive locking system that doesn’t demand special training or tools, our lips systems are designed to make maintenance easy.

Precision machined components result in a meticulously tight fit, giving unparalleled wear protection and significantly reducing maintenance, so your buckets can go back to digging sooner. SaberEdge is made for rope shovels, and TLC is a wheel loader lip system.

Berkeley Forge SaberEdge Rope Shovel Lip

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We’re on a mission to revolutionize mining. We engineer advanced mining solutions to unlock productivity, enhance safety and reduce maintenance requirements. Backed by an uncompromising design process, data-based testing protocol, and passionate engineers, our mining equipment and technology are built so you can mine smarter.

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