Reducing Bucket Maintenance Down time

With the RazerEdge™ cast lip, the site reduced GET costs by 20%.


Pilbara, Western Australia

Iron Ore

Digging Conditions
Extreme Abrasion


Make & Model
Hitachi EX3600 Back Hoe

The Challenge

A prominent Western Australian Iron Ore miner needed to find a way to reduce the costs associated with bucket maintenance down time when fitted to their EX3600 Back Hoe.

The Solution

Following a review of site conditions, CR supplied a RazerEdge cast lip. The cast lip removes the requirement for weld-on adapters, as such removing the primary cause of GET down time. The cast lip further delivers productivity benefits through plane alignment and weight reduction

The Impact

During the trial period, the lip logged 6,400 operating hours with no maintenance requirements or down time. This allowed the site to forecast a $110,000 saving annually on preventative and reactive maintenance.

Further to the maintenance costs savings, the customer found that using specifically designed GET and taking advantage of the reusable Wedgelocks™ resulted in a 20% reduction in GET costs.


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