Maximizing EX8000 Payloads and Reducing Energy

An industry first bucket and lip combo for EX8000 backhoe excavators.


Whitehaven Coal, Maules Creek Mine



Make & Model
Hitachi EX8000 Backhoe

The Challenge

A NSW coal miner, Whitehaven Coal at their Maules Creek Mine, identified a problem with their fill factor on their EX8000 backhoe excavators. They were achieving approximately 80% fill factor and wanted to increase this to 90%. They were also achieving 4.7 passes per truck cycle. CR was challenged to optimize their pass match average.

The Solution

CR Mining’s experienced field technicians and engineers worked with Whitehaven Coal, Maules Creek Mine and engaged the expertise of Jaws bucket shop to understand the problem in it’s entirety.

Using CR’s Titan 3330 payload management system fitted to the machine four months prior, CR was able to collect data to define the problem. Jaws bucket experts then suggested various options for an optimum bucket design.

Using CR’s scale testing facility and scaled-down versions of bucket and lip options, CR and Jaws could determine the best option with the best results and hoped to mirror that in the field.

The new bucket design is wider and more shallow than traditional 800T class excavator buckets. With those new bucket dimensions, CR was able to design a Stingray cast lip and GET to match the bucket perfectly.

The Impact

The new bucket and lip combination was fitted to Maules Creek Mine’s EX8000 excavator machine. With the Titan 3330 System still fitted to the machine, CR was able to monitor its performance closely.

Not only were we able to achieve the required payload/fill factor increase and reduced bucket passes, other benefits like reduced fill energy and machine fatigue became evident with continued use.

Maules Creek Mine have been happy with the success of the first bucket fitted and now have 5 buckets fitted to their EX8000 machine fleet.

Benefits include:

  • Improved fill factor from 80% to high 90% average
  • Average passes reduced from 4.7 to 4.1-4.2
  • Reduced fill energy by 14% per tonne
  • Reduced fatigue up through the front of the machine due to reduced fill energy
  • Increased payload by 2.6%

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