Stingray Cast Lip Boosts Productivity

With the Stingray cast lip, the site achieved a 27% increase in hourly production.




Digging Conditions
Moderate Abrasion

Excavator Back Hoe

Make & Model
Hitachi EX5600-6

The Challenge

This Canadian Gold miner purchased an EX5600-6 Backhoe to increase mine productivity. In conjunction with our dealer, CR was challenged to further increase productivity.

The Solution

After review, CR delivered the Stingray™ Cast Lip which is a perfect match for the machine and application. This would also ensure that the bigger bucket would further deliver productivity gains.

The Impact

The targeted hourly production increase was 19%, however the site was able to achieve a 27% increase in hourly production rates.

The design features of the Stingray cast lip delivered a normalized 7% increase in hourly production rates.

The customer has commenced the process of converting all lips to CR cast lips to take advantage of the production gains across the rest of the fleet.


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