RazerEdge Cast Lip Digging in Kazakhstan Copper Mine

After more than 18 months digging, there have been no major repairs required on the cast lip.



Copper Ore

Digging Conditions
Heavy Abrasion


Make & Model
PC3000 Face Shovel

Previous GET
Hensley Plate Lip

The Challenge

A copper mine in Kazakhstan approached CR to provide a product that would reduce machine down time and maintenance costs. They needed a tooth that would allow for more time between change-outs to reduce overall down time. They also experienced frequent maintenance events to repair the weld-on adapters on their plate lip system.

The Solution

Following a review of site conditions, CR supplied a RazerEdge cast lip. The cast lip system does not require time-consuming crack repairs because there are far fewer welds and material is strategically placed in CR’s cast lips to reduce stresses. They used the TRS5530-RA Boxpoint, designed for machines of this class and specially shaped to perform well in Heavy Abrasion.

The Impact

After more than 18 months digging, there have been no major repairs required on the cast lip. The reduction in down time has increased production and the down time can now be more accurately planned by eliminating frequent, un-scheduled plate lip repair events.

The tooth life has increased from 300-400 hours up to consistently more than 700 hours. The overall cost of ownership for the cast lip and GET have been noticeably reduced and the reduced number of change-outs has led to better machine availability and overall mine production.


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