Stingray™ Cast Lip Increases Excavator Productivity

Increased excavator productivity, fill factor, and wear life.


Yancoal Moolarben


Digging Conditions
Varied Overburden

Excavator Back Hoe

The Challenge

Increase productivity of the machine to exceed production targets and outperform the incumbent supplier.

The Solution

Yancoal Moolarben initiated a product performance evaluation to identify the outcomes between CR and their existing Lip and GET supplier. A trial of CR’s High Production Stingray Lip was conducted and resources were committed to the execution and the support of the trial from both Moolarben and CR for a seamless and transparent evaluation to be completed.

The Outcome

Improved Safety

Reduced Cost

Decreased Shutdowns

The Impact

Firstly, production rates were benchmarked for the Lip and GET of the existing supplier. The production rates measured provided the “control” benchmark for the performance data evaluation. The trial was agreed to run for a three (3) month period and would be tested in a variety of digging conditions.

Periodic reviews of the trial production data against the benchmarks were completed throughout the trial period. Yancoal Moolarben identified specific periods of data that would enable an equal and fair comparison to be made between each Lip and GET supplier. Yancoal Moolarben analyzed these periods of production achieved by utilizing CR’s product. Overall Yancoal Moolarben reported the following improvements:

  • Increase in excavator productivity
  • Increase in fill factors from payload data
  • Operator feedback forms reported an improvement in bucket penetration and fill
  • No GET down time was attributed to the excavator during the trial
  • The GET wear life greatly exceeding expectations

The trial production data was verified through cycle time video analysis and site material surveys.

“As a result of the gains and benefits achieved during this trial, Yancoal Moolarben has undergone a full fleet conversion to CR Lips and GET on all primary loading equipment” (Yancoal Moolarben Coal)

This will deliver site increased productivity, reduced maintenance down time and GET costs, significantly decreasing the total cost of ownership for Yancoal.


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