CR Stingray™ Lip in the Hunter Valley

Compared to the competitor’s lip, Stingray increased payload by 6%.


Hunter Valley, NSW


Digging Conditions
Varied Overburden

Hydraulic Excavator

Make & Model
Liebherr R9800

The Challenge

The customer tested a high-performance 44.5m3 bucket fitted with a competitor’s lip. Although similar capacity as the previous bucket, a significant drop in fill factor created a miss-match in truck pass matching, which in turn impacted production.

The Solution

CR collaborated with the customer and using data from the existing Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimization Technology, was able to confirm that a CR Stingray cast lip system in a standard 45m³ bucket would outperform the previous lip system in a high production bucket.

The Impact

The utilization of two CR Productivity Technologies together allowed the customer to prove consistent production improvements which in turn enabled the site to confidently convert their entire fleet to CR Stingray Cast Lip systems.

  • 6% Increase in Payload
  • 5% Dig Energy Reduction
  • Standard Bucket
  • Comparable Cycle Time

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