DecaEdge™ Reduces Maintenance

The site was able to completely remove maintenance down time.


Western Australia

Iron Ore

Digging Conditions
High Abrasion, High Impact

Wheel Loader

Make & Model
Komatsu WA1200

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The Challenge

A Western Australian Iron Ore miner required a solution that would improve machine availability and reduce maintenance costs. Historically the customer experienced frequent overloading because of heavy buckets. Additionally, they needed extra maintenance for the fitment and replacement of armour to protect the plate lip and adapters.

The Solution

CR delivered the worlds’ first 10 station cast lip solution for wheel loaders. The DecaEdge is specifically designed to reduce maintenance down time by:

  • Increasing lip strength for reliability and longevity
  • Decreasing dig energy means less stress on the machine and an overall decrease in maintenance requirements
  • Increased digging efficiency resulting in faster cycle times
  • Reducing vulnerability in welded joints
  • Reducing overall mass

The Impact

Following a year of operation in high abrasion, high impact Iron Ore, the site was able to completely remove maintenance down time, resulting in:

  • Increased machine availability
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased personnel availability
  • Significantly improved safety

This significant milestone has resulted in a full fleet conversion from existing plate lip systems over to the CR DecaEdge system.


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