Improved Shroud Life and Reduced Down time

Wearpact™ is proven by a Western Australia customer to be the next generation GET for LHD’s with superior wear rates and eliminated GET failure.


Western Australia


Digging Conditions

LHD Fleet

The Challenge

A Copper Mine in Western Australia experienced a series of GET loss events with their existing fitted GET. In part, exaggerated wear rates compromised the life of the shroud, resulting in premature GET failure.

The Solution

The patented Wearpact retaining Wedgenut system ensured GET retention for the life of the edge set. The customer trialled Wearpact on a single LHD, the locks successfully retained the life of the shrouds and lasted 200 hours (20%) longer before requiring rebuild.

The Outcome

After the success of the first install, the customer converted 5 more LHDs in their fleet. Since the initial installation, there has been no lock or shroud failure.

Shroud Life

Increased shroud life by 20%.

Increased Productivity

No GET Failure.

Safe and Simple

Eliminated HSE Risks.


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