Reduced Clean-up Time & Cleaner ROM Pad

The safe, consistent edged Wearpact™ for surface system cleans ROM pads, protecting fitters along with truck tyres.


Western Australia

Iron Ore

Digging Conditions
General Clean Up

Wheel Loader

Previous Lip/GET
OEM System

The Challenge

An Iron Ore Mine in Western Australia was struggling to keep floors and pads clean after road trains had dumped ROM dirt to be crushed. The excess, dumped dirt was causing tyre damage. The systems being used for clean-up wasn’t ‘Fit for Purpose’.

The Solution

After installing the Wearpact purpose built system the floors were much cleaner and reduced the clean up time as the engineered corner shrouds reduced dramatically the amount of rill running out the sides of the bucket.

The Outcome

The customer achieved a cleaner ROM pad for road trains to drive on safely, without tyre damage. Wearpact was found to be easier and safer to install and remove.

Improved Safety

Wearpact is easier and safer to install and remove.

Reduced Overflow

Achieved a cleaner ROM pad for road trains to drive on.

Purpose Built System

Engineered corner shrouds reduced the amount of rill running out.


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