Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

The SNRG™ direct OEM replacement underground edge system proves the superior GET system for price, wear rate and maintenance.


Western Australia


LHD Fleet

The Challenge

An underground contract miner wasn’t satisfied with the price and resulting production of the OEM GET system fitted. The shrouds weren’t making adequate interval change out times for the cost.

The Solution

The customer conducted a trial of the SNRG product range as a direct replacement to an OEM system. The improvement to their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) was significantly improved as a result.

The Outcome

Ease and simplicity of conversion, paired with the TCO saving improvement was significant enough to warrant switching over the contractor’s LHD fleet Australia wide.

Improved Safety

Safe and Simple Conversion

Reduced Change out Times

With our simple wedge nut retaining system.

Improved Wear Life

Impact-resistant steel for maximum strength and wear life.


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