SNRG Delivers Increased Wear Performance

Improved wear performance by over 25%


Northern QLD, Australia


Digging Conditions
Medium Abrasion

LHD Loader

Make & Model
CAT R1700

Lip/GET Comparison
OEM Range

The Challenge

An underground mining contractor on a Zinc Mine in North Queensland ran a side-by-side wear comparison trial to determine which product performs better under the same ground and digging conditions.

The Solution

The customer nominated two of his Cat R1700 LHDs to be fitted with SNRG and competing OEM GET respectively.

For approximately 107 days, the two LHDs operated under the same conditions, and the wear performance data of both machines were recorded.

The Outcome

Upon conclusion of the trial, the trial data showed that the SNRG product achieved a wear rate 25% better than that of the OEM GET.

Ultimately, SNRG achieved better productivity, fewer maintenance events, and a lower cost of ownership than the competitor.

Increased Wear Life

Increased Productivity

Reduced Maintenance Time


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