Analysis & Improvement – Mine Intelligence & Reporting

More than data. Our experienced analysts provide operational insights to make real improvements to your mine’s performance.


Tailored mining business intelligence to ensure our customers get the most post-installation value from our digital solutions.

Our Mining Business Intelligence Process

We typically meet with customers once a quarter, which provides a regular opportunity for reflection and performance analysis. At the meeting, we will:

  • Review the data, revealing patterns and insights
  • Establish benchmarks and stretch goals
  • Identify focus areas for the upcoming quarter
  • Create actionable plans

Our Analysis & Improvement meetings are 1-2 hours on site or remote, with various team members attending, including supervisors, mine managers, and maintenance personnel.


Get the Most From Your Tech Stack

Analysis & Improvement is a process of continuous improvement to ensure your targets are reached, those improvements are sustained over time, and new areas for growth are identified. We help you achieve world-class productivity and stay there, while always looking for new ways to refine performance.

Our digital productivity solutions already provide significant value. Our A&I service ensures you’re not leaving any productivity gains on the table.


Your Trusted Partner

Data needs context to be useful. That’s why we form close partnerships with our customers to understand their operations, performance, and goals, to get the whole picture. We’re there every step of the way to ensure your products are performing at the limits of their potential.


Data You Can Use

Don’t drown in data. We interpret your data so you can make intelligent business decisions. Our Analysis & Improvement services have helped customers:

  • Identify operators who need additional training and in which particular areas
  • Coach operators to reduce variations in performance
  • Highlight operators who are performing well and can be used as a training resource for others
  • Track machine duty to identify when machines are working harder than they should be, preventing unplanned maintenance
  • Find answers for specific, performance-related questions
  • And much more

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