Eliminate Crusher Events with GET Trakka

GET Trakka is a loss monitoring system providing real-time bucket tooth and GET monitoring that enables fast and safe location and recovery before it gets to the crusher.




Digging Conditions

Face Shovel

Make & Model
Ultra Class (>600 t)

The Challenge

A leading gold mine operation was experiencing significant downtime caused by lost GET entering the crushing circuit.

In addition to monitoring teeth, the site was very focused on monitoring lip shrouds and wing shroud loss events.

They had trialed competitor vision-based systems, without success, and came to CR Digital looking for a solution they could rely on to eliminate operational downtime and the safety hazards of lost GET in the processing plant.

The Solution

GET Trakka takes the guesswork out of lost GET. Unlike vision-based solutions, GET Trakka provides both immediate GET loss alarms AND the ability to locate lost components on the ground.

It uses sensors that are inserted into the GET (figure 1) to enable real time detection of lip shrouds, wing shrouds, adapters, and teeth failures. The IoT-connected sensors create a reliable alarm system with very low levels of false alarms.

When GET is lost, operators are alerted so they can immediately stop digging, avoiding unnecessary damage to the lip system and minimizing unplanned maintenance.

When GET goes missing, the portable reader can quickly find it before it enters the crusher.

The Outcome

0 False Alarms

Eliminated Crusher Events

>99% System Availability

The Impact

GET Trakka was deployed on the site’s ultra class face shovel equipment.

In the first 5 months of operation, and over ~130,000 scoops of mining activity, the system has:

  • Detected 3 shroud loss events, preventing processing plant downtime
  • Identified 3 shrouds without GET Trakka sensors installed, preventing the operational risk
  • Operated with >99% onboard system availability
  • Recorded zero missed loss events (false negatives)
  • Regular reports and GET data available to site
  • Event log captured and monitored (Figure 2)

The customer is pleased to have found a reliable solution for GET monitoring that has increased productivity and eliminated operational downtime from crusher events.

Avoiding just one crusher event has realized return on investment on the GET Trakka system.  With real-time feedback and reports, reliable alarms, simple and sophisticated sensor design and system install, GET Trakka is the most complete GET loss detection product on the market.


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