Mining Conveyor Systems

Keep your conveyors running like clockwork with conveyor belt systems designed to provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership possible.


Our conveyor belt accessories are made in Australia and designed to withstand the most demanding mining conditions.

Product Features

Robust, High Quality

Tried and tested in the roughest conditions, our mining conveyor systems maximize wear and minimize maintenance.

Leading Customer Support

Get expert advice on tailored mining conveyor systems, prompt delivery, and technical support to help with reliability and performance.

Designed & Made in Australia

Our conveyor belt systems are engineered and built in Australia, for Australian mining conditions.

Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems

Clean belts are required to minimize carryback. Not only does carryback cause maintenance and additional cleanup costs, but it also impacts productivity.

Our conveyor belt cleaner systems remove up to 80% of carryback material. We supply a complete cleaning system including:

  • Conveyor belt scrapers to remove carryback material
  • Secondary belt cleaners, made from a variety of materials, including tungsten and polyurethane, to remove fine residual material
  • Conveyor belt ploughs to remove material on the return side of the conveyor belt, protecting your pulleys.
  • Stabilizing kits to improve belt cleaner efficiency
  • Conveyor spray systems can be integrated into any belt cleaning system to upgrade your conveyor from dry to wet
  • XYC calculator to calculate and adjust the positioning of our belt cleaners

Impact Beds

Impact beds protect transfer points, reducing spillage and prolonging belt life. Load zones are frequently overlooked, but every tonne of material being processed passes through them. Impact beds absorb extra impacts and forces, preventing belt sag as product moves from one conveyor to another.


Conveyor Belt Tracking

Our conveyor tracking systems ensures your belts stay in the proper position by redirecting them back to the center of the conveyor. Being in the correct position reduces wear, damage, and spillage. We custom build our conveyor belt tracking solutions to suit your specific needs.


Conveyor Belt Skirting Systems

Conveyor belt skirting reduces material loss and keeps dust down. Skirts should be installed at any transfer point to control material as it moves from one conveyor to another. Our conveyor belt skirting is modular, easy to install, and comes with extended wear life thanks to stainless steel construction.


Conveyor Pulley Lagging

High quality conveyor pulley lagging solutions protect your belt and pulleys, increasing their lifespan. Our lagging solutions are ultra-long life, have superior abrasion resistance, and are suitable for surface and underground applications. They are available in a variety of materials, including hot cast polyurethane, FRAS rubber, natural rubber, and ceramic.


Complete Conveyor Systems

CR Mining Conveyor Systems

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