Maximizing Dragline Payloads

The market leading Hurricane™ is specifically designed as a fast-filling, consistent and high-efficiency dragline bucket.


Bowen Basin, QLD, Australia


Digging Conditions


Make & Model
Marion 8200

The Challenge

A major coal mining operation in Australia’s Bowen Basin identified a need to improve their reliability and the inconsistent performance of their aging fleet of conventional style dragline buckets. CR Powered by Epiroc worked with the mine operator to provide the best solution.

The Solution

CR’s experienced field technicians and engineers worked with the mine to review the digging conditions, existing maintenance down time schedules, and historical production data before recommending the Hurricane dragline bucket.

The market-leading Hurricane is specifically designed as a fast-filling, consistent, and high-efficiency dragline bucket. The Hurricane has been engineered with a patented, wide, low profile, and slimline lip design providing substantial energy savings due to reduced drag energy when compared to other traditionally shaped dragline buckets.

CR deployed the 62.5m Hurricane Mk3 bucket on schedule and safely fitted it to the Mine operator’s existing 8200 dragline setup with immediate positive results.

The Outcome

Improved Safety

Increased Productivity

Maximized Payloads

The Impact

With CR’s expert advice and the Hurricane dragline bucket, the mine has achieved improved productivity through reduced weight, maximized payloads, and increased up time.

During commissioning support, mine operators expressed how impressed they were with the new Hurricane dragline bucket and the immediate improvement in fill and handling dynamics they experience.

The first bucket campaign marked a significant improvement compared to the average campaign life of the other buckets used on this machine.

Other achievements include:

  • 11% lift in average bucket payload
  • Payload increase achieved an average TSL within 1% of target
  • Faster filling and dumping
  • Reduced drag energy and consumption
  • Easier handling, robust and reliable design
  • Lower frequency change outs reduced related safety interactions

CR continues its long-term partnership with the mine operator and has since delivered an additional three Hurricane dragline buckets based on the performance success of the first Hurricane bucket deployment.


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