WEARPACT™ is a high quality, bolt-on G.E.T. system that is proven to deliver exceptional reliability, wear life and productivity on mine sites around the world.

Key Specifications

  • Increased reliability
  • High machine availability
  • Longer wear life
  • Improve productivity
  • Better bucket penetration
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Improved safety

A render showing CR underground mining Wearpact G.E.T. for LHD loaders

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Product Details

WEARPACT™ is designed for both underground and open-pit conditions and suitable for any material type. Heavy-duty edges and corners perform under all loading conditions, keeping wear consistent across the edge.

The innovative design ensures maximum performance and wear life, with the system designed so that individual edge segments can be safely replaced as needed, eliminating the need to replace the entire blade system in one go.

The high wearing left and right corners can be changed independently from the rest of the edge system. With a variety of corner replacement edges to choose from including standard, intermediate and heavy-duty, the entire edge system life is maximised by this unique design.

CR lifting tool UGET

Smart engineering

  • Optimised geometry puts wear material where it’s needed most, reducing waste and reducing total cost of ownership
  • With dedicated wear indicators, it’s easier to see when teeth need to be replaced
  • The specially designed lifting device holds the edges level and enables easy fitting to the lip plate
  • Wedge nut is housed within each edge segment. Operators aren’t at risk of injury when replacing the edge as there’s no need to work underneath the bucket
  • Any easy to use optional accessory, the wedge nut locator allows for easy alignment during the assembly process and is simply ejected and reused

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