Stone Dusters for Underground Mining

Keep your people safe underground with our stone dusting equipment.


CR’s Razer stone dusters are made in Australia for Australian mines.

Essential Safety Equipment

Stone dusters are required for all Australian underground mines. They spray stone dust to encapsulate coal dust, preventing explosions.

CR’s Razer stone dusting systems have been relied on for years by top tier miners. Our stone dusters just work, with minimal moving parts or breakdown issues, even in the harshest underground environments.

We make our Razer stone dusters at our Tomago fabrication center and are also able to refurbish stone dusters back to OEM specifications.

We make:

  • Bulk bin systems
  • Longwall continuous trickle dusting
  • Belt road dusting
  • Travel road dusting
  • Development panel dusting

Types of Stone Dusters

Pneumatic Stone Dusters

Pneumatic stone dusters are perfect for roadway dusting and handheld applications.

Hydraulic Stone Dusters

Hydraulic stone dusters can be attached to machinery and provide a quick way of spraying stone dust.

Made in Australia

Our stone dusters are made in Australia at our Tomago facility with the workmanship and quality you expect from Australian-made.


Quality You Can Rely On

Known for their reliability, our stone dusters are engineered to reduce the number of moving parts. They work the first time, every time.


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