Armourblade™ Lip for Underground LHDs

Get more out of your LHDs with faster fill times and quicker maintenance.


A weld-on, low-profile, high-penetration bucket edge system for underground mining Load Haul Dump (LHD) loaders.

Product Features

Universal Fit

Armourblade can fit any model of LHD loader.

Self-Sharpening Blade

Edge wears from the bottom, so penetration stays sharp for the life of the lip.

Long Wear Life

Get more digging hours with a longer wear life than standard weld-on solutions.

Open the Door to Increased Machine Availability

Designed to extend the time between scheduled maintenance, Armourblade keeps your machines digging for longer. And when it does need repair or maintenance, our patented alloys make welding a breeze, with faster turnaround times to get your bucket back in the dirt.


Built to Dig

The low-profile, self-sharpening edge efficiently penetrates dirt, resulting in faster fill times and less dig energy required, so your machines experience less stress.


The Right Solution for All LHDs

Armourblade fits your entire fleet of LHDs, simplifying your inventory management and maintenance planning.

If you need a custom solution, we’re ready to help. Simply provide your measurements, and we’ll tailor a lip to your requirements, including detailed assembly drawings for your maintenance crew.


Suits Machines

CAT LHDs R1700, R2900, R3000
Komatsu LHDs WX18, WX22
Sandvik LHDs LH514 (T1400), LH517, LH518
Epiroc LHDs ST1030, ST14, ST18

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