National Resources Review Feature

Note: Article originally published by National Resources Review, 28 June 2019

As the mining industry continues to evolve, CQMS Razer stands ready to lead from the front and take mining technology and product design to new heights.

In 2019, CQMS Razer celebrates 40 years of delivering world-first engineering, manufacturing, and digital solutions to the mining and resources industry.

Thanks to an innovative design approach and a commitment to high-quality and reliable mining products, CQMS Razer has steadily grown its market presence from a small workshop in Mackay to global operations across Australia, China, Russia, North and South America.

CQMS Razer has a leading range of Productivity Technology across three categories: Digital, Surface Mining, and Wear Protection and Processing. Their products include cast lip systems, dragline buckets, ground engaging tools (GET) and lock systems, dragline rigging and locks, Titan 3330™ load haul optimization, conveyor accessories, stone dusting systems, and plate block and wear materials.

Born from the resources industry

CQMS Razer was founded in Mackay, Queensland in 1979 with a focus to become the Bowen Basin’s supplier of choice for dragline buckets and associated rigging and GET,

Former CQMS Razer CEO John Barbagallo said their success over the last 40 years was based on the quality of their people, a passion for innovation, and a commitment to continual improvement.

“From the launch of our first proprietary designs in the early eighties, innovation has continued to drive the development of our products, improving quality standards, and creating safer, more efficient mine site processes,” Mr Barbagallo said.

Early engineering innovation paved the way for the current generation of CQMS Razer designs such as the StingrayTM cast lip system and the distinctive HurricaneTM dragline bucket.

“Our advances in product development spearheaded the growth in our in-house production and supply capacity. As our capacity grew, so did our ability to reach new regions and mining markets in Australia and overseas, which, over time, has been strengthened by several strategic growth initiatives and acquisitions.

“We’re now a leader in engineering innovation and the manufacturer of productivity-enhancing mining equipment and software, continually pushing the limits of our technology to ensure we deliver the best products to miners across the world,” Mr Barbagallo said.

Celebrating 40 years

CQMS Razer still maintains a strong market presence in the Bowen Basin and in May this year, celebrated its 40th anniversary where it all began with the release of a special edition 40th anniversary Hurricane dragline bucket in Mackay with Melco Engineering.

The event recognized the Company’s long-term commitment to the local region and the partnerships that have been formed with local suppliers, mining operators, and the Bowen Basin community.
“It was only fitting that our 40th anniversary Hurricane dragline bucket would be produced in Mackay and ultimately make its home at BMA’s operations in the Bowen Basin,” Mr Barbagallo said.

CQMS Razer and BMA have worked together for more than 20 years achieving many milestones including the delivery of the 100th dragline bucket in 2017, the release of the 40th anniversary bucket and later this year BMA will receive CQMS Razer’s 250th bucket.

Commitment to service and support

The long-term partnerships formed across the industry are made possible with the support of the dedicated team of specialists and in-field support staff that CQMS Razer has brought together from various backgrounds, industries, and professions.

A diverse culture and flexible approach to work-life balance enables CQMS Razer to attract the best talent who share their vision for delivering innovative, high-quality, and timely expertise and service that helps their customers reduce operating costs and machine down time while lifting overall machine use, productivity, and safety standards on their mine sites.

CQMS Razer’s passion for customer outcomes defines who they are in business. At home in the field, their technical experts are passionate problem solvers who understand the total cost of ownership of front-line production equipment and take pride in delivering quick, practical, and long-lasting solutions.

From their on-the-ground sales and support teams through to their product development and engineering professionals, CQMS Razer staff have built a reputation on safe, high quality, and productive products and solutions.

Supply certainty

CQMS Razer works with their clients to identify process challenges and then offers expert advice and project management of solution design, production, delivery logistics, installation, training, and testing.

From high integrity alloy steel castings to specialized wear products, the CQMS Razer manufacturing infrastructure, supply chain experience, and global capabilities effectively deliver a wide, customized range of products to international markets.

A diversified base of operations including workshops and foundries in Mackay, Maryborough, Tomago, and China, are strategically designed to maximize proven transport and logistics routes, provide reliable access to high-quality materials and expertise while reducing production supply risks.

Once installed in the field, CQMS Razer’s continual monitoring systems close the feedback loop resulting in improvement to future products and services.

“CQMS Razer is committed to continuous improvement and lean manufacturing philosophies to increase productivity and maximize the value we can deliver – giving our customers exactly what they need when they need it,” said Mr Barbagallo.

Quality and testing

With more than 40 years engineering design and real-life in-field feedback, CQMS Razer combines the latest technologies with an in-depth understanding of mining environments and the mine’s total cost of ownership.

Their research and development programs focus on creating industry-leading products and services such as cast lip systems for hydraulic excavators, dragline buckets and riggings, and fixed wear products.

CQMS Razer is accredited to ISO18001 (safety), ISO14001 (environmental) and ISO0991 (quality) international standards. High-quality products are underpinned by world-class facilities and well-controlled production processes. All stages of production are monitored, and comprehensive quality inspections are undertaken to ensure traceability and accountability for each product they manufacture.

New technologies and global markets

CQMS Razer has positioned itself well to tackle its next big chapter, expanding their Russian, North, and South American industry presence.

Clients in these new markets can expect access to CQMS Razer’s more than 40 years industry experience, a network of 7 global locations, servicing 15 countries, and dual headquarters in Australia and USA, plus a highly experienced global engineering, science and technical workforce of more than 260 people backed by world-class management and quality systems.

CQMS Razer has always taken pride in their ability to identify unmet market needs and develop innovative products for the toughest and most challenging surface mining sites on the planet.

CQMS Razer is set to enter into new and exciting market places in the rope shovel category, with the launch of the safer and more productive CQMS Razer DipperEdge cast lip system.

“Whether it’s the oil sands in Canada, iron ore in Western Australia, lithium in the Pilbara or coal in Columbia, Russia, USA or Australia, our innovative products are delivering significant production benefits across a variety of digging and mining conditions,” Mr Barbagallo said.

“By being adaptable, responsive and open to new ideas and approaches, our product range has been able to evolve ahead of industry needs and has maximised new fast-paced technology changes, an advantage that sets us apart from our competitors.”

Most recently, CQMS Razer has diversified into real-time mining data technology through its CR Digital operations. In March this year, CR Digital celebrated one billion tonnes of resources mined by its customers using their Titan 3330™ technology range, a milestone reached ahead of schedule thanks to strong ongoing product interest from major miners and contractors.

The CR Digital Titan 3330 system uses highly sophisticated instruments and patented algorithms to calculate and display the payload of each bucket, accurately, in real-time, and during motion, before its dumped into the truck.

Looking ahead

Together with Australia’s major mining operators, CQMS Razer has been able to build a strong reputation over the last 40 years based on trust, reliability and a common goal to deliver safe and innovative productivity solutions that support sustainable mining.

“We’re extremely proud to be able to share this important milestone with our customers, suppliers, and our incredible staff. We thank them for their support, and we look forward to together, leading global mining productivity technology standards into the future.”