Industry-Leading Dragline Parts & Equipment

With decades of experience in the dragline space, we know how to maximize payloads and minimize unplanned down time, taking your operations to the next level of productivity.


We engineer and manufacture world-class dragline rigging and buckets for a variety of dragline sizes and applications. With regular on-site support and advice, along with local fabrication and repair capabilities, you’re in good hands.

Why CR’s Dragline Systems


Years of dragline engineering experience


Buckets sold worldwide


More productive*


Longer campaigns*

*Compared to conventional buckets

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Supported Machines

We have rigging and bucket options to achieve the best performance for your machine.

Capacity Machine
39-55m³ (51-71yd³) CAT 8050
Komatsu 757
*Conventional & UDD
55-60m³ (71-80yd³) CAT 8200
Komatsu 9010C
60-100m³ (80-130yd³) CAT 8750
Komatsu 9020C
100m³+ (130yd³+) CAT 8750+
Komatsu 9020XPC+


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We’re on a mission to revolutionize mining. We engineer advanced mining solutions to unlock productivity, enhance safety and reduce maintenance requirements. Backed by an uncompromising design process, data-based testing protocol, and passionate engineers, our mining equipment and technology are built so you can mine smarter.

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