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Improve Safety, Productivity, and Operator Performance.


  • Titan 3330 payload management optimizes the load and haul circuit so that the majority of trucks are loaded to target payload (eg with a tighter payload distribution). Trucks make fewer trips while making the most efficient use of fuel, reducing CO2e emissions per tonne of dirt.
  • GET entering the crusher raises significant safety risks. Miners need to know when they’ve lost a tooth (or any other GET component) and be able to find it quickly before it gets to the crusher. GET Trakka is an integrated system of IoT-connected sensors embedded in GET and receivers installed on the machine.
  • Upgrade your drilling with blast hole drill navigation and get accurate rock knowledge with Thunderbird 1110; a high-precision GPS and rock strata measurement system for rotary blast drills.
  • Tailored analytics are at your fingers with the Orion Data Analytics platform, delivering actionable productivity and machine health insights directly to the operational teams that need it.
  • Our Stingray and RazerEdge cast lips for hydraulic excavators are the go-to for high production environments, when you want to increase payloads, reduce machine stress, and move more dirt in less time.
  • Discover Wearpact, a high-end continuous edge lip system engineered for underground mining, capable of accommodating diverse material types and loading conditions.
  • Experience reduced dig energy and machine wear, while filling buckets faster and more efficiently with a DecaEdge lip for your wheel loaders.

Calculate your potential emissions savings with a CR Stingray cast lip

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