Thunderbird™ Drilling Optimization

Make every blast count with drill and blast data that matters.


Better blasting is the first step in a well-oiled mining operation. Well fragmented rock makes digging more efficient and minimizes spills on haul roads.

Thunderbird Drill Optimization Systems

Thunderbird drill and blast software comes in two packages – pick the one that best suits your operations.

Thunderbird DEI+ is our entry-level solution for when you want a rugged and reliable system to measure the depth of drill holes for better drilling.

Thunderbird 1110 is a high-precision GPS and rock strata measurement system for rotary blast drills. If you’re ready to upgrade your surveying process with blast hole drill navigation and get accurate rock knowledge, let’s talk about how we can help.

Thunderbird 1110 can help you:

  • Drill exactly to your planned location and depth
  • Get precise with your rock fragmentation
  • Better understand your rock
  • Reduce overall drilling and blasting costs

Thunderbird 1110 Features

StrataSense Rock Hardness Monitoring

StrataSense measures rock hardness at 10cm increments down the drill hole. Knowing the rock hardness at each level means you can blast intelligently to the exact fragmentation you need.

High Precision GPS Navigation

Integrate surveying into your rotary blast drill. Send your drill pattern to Thunderbird 1110 for more precise drill navigation guidance so your machines know precisely where to drill, without surveyors on the ground.

Depth Guidance That Fits Any Drill

Get depth guidance that’s accurate and reliable regardless of what drill you’re using.

Precision Drill Monitoring System

Measure while drilling with target depth guidance. We’ve worked hard to make direct drive encoders reliable and accurate, so you can minimize over and under drilling.


Next-Level Drilling Optimization

By placing holes in the right place, drilling to the correct depth, and optimizing your explosive use by understanding rock composition, you can best fragment your rock. Properly fragmented rock is the foundation for optimized mining operations and is easily moved by diggers without causing excessive wear or fuel use.


Real-Time Insights

Your operators get instant access to current drill data. We then stream that data into the cloud via Orion Data Analytics so that managers can make real-time decisions and communicate to operators. Drilling data analytics include: depth, rate of penetration, target depth settings, drill time, and estimated time to complete hole.


Safer Sites

Blast hole drill GPS navigation removes surveyors from danger zones marking locations or measuring depths. Prevent drill component damage caused by tramming while the drill pipe is still in the ground with operator warnings. Depth alarms prevent over-drilling, protecting your assets.



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