CR Acquires GET Trakka

CR (and American Industrial Partners) is pleased to announce the acquisition of GET Trakka, and all associated Intellectual Property, with completion occurring on 30 October 2020.

GET Trakka is an industry innovator with the only field-proven system providing reliable sensor-based GET (Ground Engaging Tools) loss detection for mining equipment, along with data analysis and reporting systems for enhancing maintenance and productivity performance. The GET Trakka product solutions are based on built-for-purpose industrial IOT platforms with rugged embedded wireless sensors to provide revolutionary productivity and safety outcomes for the mining industry.

GET Trakka has a strong reputation in the market through its owner and founder, Ian Hamilton. The GET Trakka team have developed and applied sensor technology to create market-leading GET component loss detection and monitoring solutions for all large mining equipment. CR will be proud to partner with Ian and his team to develop the product offering further.

Proven Tooth Loss Detection

The addition of GET Trakka will enhance CR’s business by adding proven tooth loss and productivity monitoring capability alongside their growing digital portfolio of mining technology and solidify CR’s position as the leading provider of technology-enabled GET solutions. The combination and integration of GET Trakka into CR’s product portfolio is an important milestone as they continue to build upon their digital technology offering and provide their customers with new productivity-enhancing solutions. The acquisition of GET Trakka is consistent with CR’s long-term business strategy of adding complementary products and services to their existing core business.

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