Behind the Scenes at CR’s Scale Testing Facility

Scale testing is a way to scale down real-world scenarios to validate and test our designs in a way that’s time and cost-efficient. We’re able to get results quickly and confidently, without putting mine site operations at risk.

With scale testing, CR can test how a product works quickly and continually improve on the design. We know that our products work before they get to site, ensuring mine sites immediately experience improvements in productivity.

Quintin Nienaber, General Manager of Product Management, explains scale testing: “Scale testing allows CR to perform many testing scenarios quickly and ensures a tested and refined product is released to the market so that mine site operations aren’t put at risk.

Traditionally if you wanted to make a bucket design change, there was potentially millions of dollars’ worth of down time in manufacturing fabrication. With scale testing, CR can manipulate the exact pieces that we are looking to improve, saving time and money.”

It’s just one more way that we work to provide the absolute best solutions to our customers.

Check out the video below to learn more.