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Building Strong Data Foundations So You Can Trust the Numbers Tomorrow

Despite the rising use of technology in mining, many sites struggle to extract the expected value from the enormous amount of data generated across their operations. As the industry continues to face challenges such as escalating costs and diminishing ore grades, leveraging accurate data to make informed decisions has never been more crucial. The question … Read more

Make Your Buckets More Productive Than Ever

Advanced solutions to unlock productivity, enhance safety, reduce maintenance, and lower emissions. With over 40 years in the mining industry, CR Powered by Epiroc understands the challenges of the modern mine, like the pressures of hitting ambitious Net Zero goals while still being tasked with increasing payloads and minimizing costs. We make the most advanced … Read more

Backhoe with blue circles

Digital Technology to Help Miners Meet ESG Goals

Governments, investors, and employees are demanding that corporations take action on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. And the mining industry is no exception. There’s no single solution to these complex challenges, but technology presents significant opportunities to progress closer to ESG goals. Defining ESG Although frequently used as a shorthand for carbon emissions, ESG … Read more

Backhoe and blue circles display GET Loss Detection System

What Makes a Successful GET Loss Detection System?

Prevent ground-engaging tools from jamming crushers and the associated risks and losses Miners have been trying to prevent ground engaging tools (GET) from jamming crushers, and the associated safety risks and productivity loss, for decades. What’s the motivation? Safety, productivity, and maintenance. The safety of workers on site is every miner’s top priority, and GET … Read more

Blue circles under a Drill Rig

A Sneak Peek at the Future of Drilling Data

Drilling is the first step in an optimized mine value chain, so it is crucial to get it right. But beyond optimizing the drilling process itself, there’s a whole world of opportunity to use data collected during drilling to impact every step of the downstream mining process. Based on years of in-field experience and hundreds … Read more

Titan 3330 payload management and stingray cast lips for excavators can help to reduce carbon emissions

Reducing Carbon Emissions Throughout the Mining Value Chain

Sustainability is an increasingly important item on the mining industry’s agenda. But with an ever-increasing demand for minerals and ambitious carbon emissions goals, miners are tasked with moving more dirt while minimizing costs and being more productive than ever. Now is the time for miners to take action to implement methods for decarbonizing, with the … Read more

Thunderbird Drill Optimization Reports

Strayos and CR Digital Announce New Integration for Thunderbird 1110

The two mining technology companies are adding a new integration between CR Digital’s Thunderbird 1110 drill optimization system and the Strayos blast design and optimization tools. This integration will allow mines to leverage the ‘as drilled’ StrataSense measure-while-drilling (MWD) sensor data from Thunderbird 1110 within the Strayos blast design platform to tailor explosives to local … Read more