Rock Abrasion Boxpoints

The new RA boxpoints increased wear life by 50% compared to existing GET.


Hunter Valley, NSW


Digging Conditions

Hydraulic Excavator

Make & Model
CAT 6090 Face Shovel

The Challenge

CR worked with a New South Wales miner in the Hunter Valley to reduce the amount of GET based down time, in an effort to improve safety and increase productivity and penetration.

The Solution

CR worked closely with the site to deliver the TRS7030-RA Rock Abrasion Boxpoint. The RA Boxpoint is specifically designed for high impact and high abrasion applications. The unique profile provides the penetration required while delivering increased wear life. The profile was developed and tested over an extended trial of more than 18 months.

The Impact

The trial showed that the use of RA style Boxpoints significantly improves GET reliability and the increased wear life and penetration resulted in increased machine availability and optimized performance.

  • 50% increase in wear life compared to existing GET system
  • Increased machine availability, driving productivity
  • Increased fitter availability for more critical tasks
  • Significant safety benefits from less time changing GET

The success of this tooth design has prompted the site to use RA-style Boxpoints on their other machines.


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