Extra Heavy Duty GET Package

Increased overall wear life, including 63% increased lip shroud wear life.


Western Australia

Magnetite Iron Ore

Digging Conditions
Extreme Abrasion


Make & Model
CAT6060 Face Shovel

The Challenge

A prominent Western Australian Magnetite Iron Ore Mine recognized the need to upgrade their standard Ground Engaging Tools (GET) package on their existing face shovel to enable them to achieve greater dig performance in their extreme abrasion conditions. CR worked with the Mine operator to provide the solution.

The Solution

CR’s experienced field technicians and engineers worked with the Miner to review the harsh digging conditions, existing maintenance down time schedules, and product performance data before recommending the superior CR Extra Heavy Duty (XHD) GET package. The hard-wearing CR XHD package was specifically designed to withstand some of the industry’s toughest digging conditions.

CR deployed the XHD package to the remote mine site and safely fitted it to the Mine operator’s existing CAT6060 Face Shovel. The XHD Teeth, Adapters, and Lip Shrouds are designed and engineered with thicker material sections and self-sharpening features for optimized and extended wear life. The XHD package utilizes the industry-recognized Wedgelock™ dynamic retention system and the hammerless T-Bolt shroud locking system.

The Impact

With CR’s expert advice and the durable XHD package, the Mine has achieved improved machine digging performance and reduced GET down time. Other achievements include:

  • Improved safety profile due to fewer GET interactions
  • Simple, safer, and faster maintenance change-outs
  • Significant reduction in GET cost per hour rate
  • Reduction in down time from extended GET wear life
  • Up to 63% increased Lip shroud wear life
  • Optimized wear across adapters, teeth, and shrouds
  • Increased overall wear life resulting from more even distribution of contact surfaces and additional material
  • Improved shroud underside and top surface wear profile

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