FX Boxpoint Teeth

GET is sharp and still digging after 1.5 million cubic meters.


South Africa


Digging Conditions


Make & Model
BE 1570

The Challenge

A coal mine in South Africa was unhappy with the dig performance of their dragline GET. The teeth became dull quickly and required excessive GET change-outs. The down time for GET maintenance issues noticeably reduced overall production.

The Solution

Based on the successful trials of the CR LRP style boxpoint at a coal mine in Australia, we recommended a side by side trial using our new FX retrofit LRP boxpoint on one of their dragline buckets with S130 noses, so they could compare directly against the performance of their other machine using competitor GET.

The Impact

After more than 1.5 million cubic meters of material, the CR mining tooth system is still sharpening nicely and has required no unplanned maintenance or change-outs. The other dragline bucket has been down seven times during the same period for competitor GET issues.

‘The TES3030-LRP has definitely kept its shape a lot longer. By now the other teeth have a rounded nose which negatively affects penetration. Operators are happy, Riggers are happy.’

The LRP style tooth design allows for excellent self-sharpening and long life. After 1.5 million cubic meters, the operators decided to switch positions and use the teeth for an additional 250,000 cubic meters before replacing them.


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