Extra Heavy Dig Conditions Tooth

The new tooth saw an increase of over 100% in wear life to 500+ hours.


Pilbara, Western Australia

Iron Ore

Digging Conditions
Very High Abrasion

The Challenge

Life extension for a tooth in Extra Heavy Dig conditions to >500hrs. The client had a short turn-around time of 8 weeks for this to be achieved, so as not to impact productivity metrics.

The Solution

CR’s Engineering team visited the customer to understand the requirements of the project and to assess the digging conditions for the teeth. To ensure customer productivity was not impacted, while CR optimized the product, a weld-on overlay was installed to extend the life of the current tooth for the development period.

CR’s collaborative effort included our Engineering department, Business Development Managers, Technical Field Specialists, and our Queensland Foundry to develop the new TRS4530-XH mining tooth system. The new development was approximately 25% heavier than the previous version, whilst still maintaining an efficient design for improved penetration. The additional features of this development resulted in a safer and more efficient product.

The Impact

The customer was very satisfied with the new TRS4530-XH tooth, seeing an increase of over 100% in wear life to 500+ hours. With this new GET product development, the customer has seen an increase in production and machine availability due to the overall decrease in tooth change outs, and have requested a similar product to be developed for their EX2500 buckets.


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