Mining Safety Products

At CR Mining, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe environment in any mining operation. That is why we provide high-quality mining safety products that are both easy to use and extremely reliable.

It is important that you have the correct equipment in order to protect and maintain:

  • The safety of your employees, 
  • Machine health
  • The schedule and budget of your mining operation.

These three pillars are directly related to each other. Forcing employees to work with faulty equipment or overextend their working hours puts their lives at risk. 

Why are mining safety products important?

Mining operations involve using heavy duty machinery to perform disruptive digs on unpredictable terrain. Because of this, mining presents a wide range of hazards.

Ground engaging tools (GET) are large metal components that directly interact with the ground during the mining process, causing the dirt to gain cement-like properties that can trap the GET, making them difficult to recover. 

When GET is not removed properly, particularly when mining workers use improper methods and tools to try and recover GET as quickly as possible, it poses a significant safety hazard. In order to provide safe and efficient GET removal solutions that minimize human interaction, CR Mining designed safety solutions like the GRIPAssist and Universal Lifting Hook.  

What kind of mining safety products are there?

At CR Mining, we take mining safety very seriously, and we understand the various hazards that ground engaging tools present. That is why we stock high-quality safety equipment to ensure security and efficiency when dealing with worn and lost GET, including the GET Trakka System which offers unparalleled GET sensing functionality.


The GRIPAssist is a safety handling solution that grips up to 500kg of all types of GET and more with maximum pressure. Because up to 32% of injuries in surface mining occur due to strenuous movements, a device such as the GRIPAssist that removes human contact significantly mitigates that risk. 

Because GRIPAssist easily handles and removes GET without the need for tools such as hammers and pry bars, machine down time is heavily reduced, resulting in a sharp increase in productivity. 
Its features include a:

  • Hydraulic activated jaw
  • Bolt-on-bolt-off grip pads
  • Internal retraction ram
  • 180° swivel motion

Universal Lifting Solution

Lifting GET is not an easy feat, which is why the universal lifting hook is an invaluable safety tool for any mining operation. This durable tool encourages security and efficiency when dealing with loose GET such as worn quicktips, adapters, and boxpoints. 

GET Trakka

GET Trakka presents the ultimate solution to detecting broken and lost GET on your mine site in real-time. Undetected GET losses can lead to catastrophic crusher events which can cause costly mine site closures and delays and, at worst, damage equipment and create health hazards for your employees.

GET Trakka uses embedded sensors and innovative engineering to locate and identify lost GET around the nearby terrain, using real-time in-cab alarms to ensure the machine operator can effectively make the on-the-spot decisions that reduce crusher events, lessens equipment down time, increases productivity, and, most importantly, promotes onsite safety.