CR Digital Expands Titan 3330 Range to Wheel Loaders

CR Digital has today announced the launch of the Titan 3330 Load Haul Optimization System for Wheel Loaders. Building on the success of CR Digital’s original Titan 3330 product for Hydraulic Excavators and Shovels, the range extension expands the benefits of increased productivity capabilities across a new class of loading machines.

Built on 2.5 billion tons of in-field experience and 150+ deployments, the Titan 3330 Load Haul Optimization system enhances productivity in mining operations. By providing truck payload measurements in real-time, the Titan 3330 system enables excavator and now wheel loader operators to load trucks more accurately, increasing the average payload per truck, without increasing major overloads. Titan 3330 provides optimal circuit efficiency for a mine site’s load haul fleet.

General Manager at CR Digital, Damian Assaillit, says the range extension was developed through an agile software development methodology, incorporating customer input throughout the product development journey.

“At CR Digital, we ensure the products we develop provide the highest value to our customers, and so close collaboration in the development process is integral to the way we work. With continual feedback and infield experience, CR Digital is able to engineer increasingly sophisticated technologies, such as the Titan 3330 for Wheel Loaders, in a manner that delivers optimal value to our customers.”

“The benefits of Titan 3330 for Wheel loaders don’t stop at increased increasing circuit efficiency and payload optimization. The Titan 3330 has been engineered to help reduce machine damage, with in-built structural duty monitoring during dig cycles. Combined with our Orion Data Analytics software, the team can help interpret data from your operation to continually identify improvement opportunities.” Assaillit said.

With trials of the new system already complete, CR Digital is confident of the improvement and production efficiencies produced by the new Titan 3330 for Wheel Loaders. Titan 3330 for Wheel Loaders is now available to order globally.

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Titan Payload Monitoring for Wheel Loaders