Universal Lifting Hook

The simple, easy to use design provides a safe and consistent lifting solution that works without improvisation or additional tooling.

Key Specifications

  • Eliminates unreliable slings and other improvised lifting devices
  • Works with all G.E.T. regardless of size, condition or manufacturer
  • Rated load limit of 750kg (1,653lbs) to lift all CR G.E.T.
  • Compact and easy to use – no additional tooling required

Universal Lifting Hook Rated Weight

Product Highlights

universal lifting hook

Thoroughly Universal

Our universal lifting tool can lift any G.E.T., from teeth to shrouds and everything in between. Regardless of size, manufacturer or condition, it's ready for the task at hand.

universal lifting hook

Strong and Powerful

The universal lifting solution makes moving heavy G.E.T. a breeze. Multiple hook sizes can handle any application, and with a load limit of 750kg (1,653lbs) no component is out of reach.

universal lifting hook

A Safety Solution for All

We know that not every mine site has access to additional safety equipment. The universal lifting solution is a compact safety device that works with any D-shackle configuration with no tooling required.

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Product Details

Safety is at our core

With a core value of Zero Harm, CR is dedicated to preventing injuries and incidents. G.E.T. can be heavy and awkward to handle, especially when worn.

Studies have shown up to 32% of injuries in surface mining are caused by strenuous movements. By eliminating unreliable slings and other improvised lifting devices, the universal lifting solution prevents flings and drops, reducing safety hazards and keeping our customers safe.

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