40th Anniversary Dragline Bucket Released

Celebrating 40 years of mining solutions

Since 1979, CQMS Razer has delivered world-class engineering, manufacturing, and digital solutions to the mining industry. Established in Mackay, CQMS Razer has grown to more than 250 staff across 12 global locations working with the best mining operators across the world.

CQMS Razer Executive General Manager – Australasia Mr Phil Sellers said company growth over the last 40 years, wouldn’t have been possible without the ongoing support from their customers, the Central Queensland community, businesses, local government, and their highly skilled local workforce.

“We have always taken pride in our ability to identify unmet market needs and develop innovative solutions to address them, especially across the Bowen Basin.”

CQMS Razer and BMA have worked together for more than 20 years ago achieving many milestones including the delivery of the 100th dragline bucket in 2017, today’s release of the 40th anniversary bucket and later this year BMA will receive CQMS Razer’s 250th bucket.

“Our long-term relationship with the Bowen Basin mining community has been based on trust, consistency, and a goal to deliver safe and innovative productivity solutions that support sustainable mining.

“CQMS Razer looks forward to continuing these partnerships and together leading global standards for surface mining technology into the future.”

Partnership with Melco Engineering

CQMS Razer’s connection with Melco Engineering was formed eight years ago and continues today having successfully completed the fabrication, assembly, and delivery of more than 80 quality dragline buckets together.

“Our Melco partnership is one of consistency, reliability, and quality workmanship to ensure the innovative mining solutions we offer to our customers continue to be backed by confidence and expertise.

“Our long–term partnerships are testament to the commitment CQMS Razer made in Mackay 40 years ago, to deliver high-quality, safe, and reliable products that are responsive to our customer’s needs,” said Mr Sellers.

“We remain immensely proud of our partnership and look forward to Melco continuing as one of CQMS Razer’s premier dragline bucket builder into the future,” said Mr Sellers.

CQMS Razer would like to thank their customers, suppliers, and their incredible team for their support over the last 40 years and we look forward to celebrating the next 40 years together.