Meet Andres

Andres Project Engineer at CR Blue Shirt

Andres is a Project Engineer at CR Powered by Epiroc Mining and works out of our Portland office in the United States. He has worked with us since 2020.

Andres studied mechanical engineering at Washington State University before joining the team.
Andres is highly creative, demonstrated by his talent in designing new products and acting as a support for modifying existing products. The design of new mining equipment is one of the many things he loves about working for CR Powered by Epiroc.

A day in the life involves designing new products for our extensive range of mining lip systems, using FEA (Finite Element Analysis), a process used to predict the real-world physical effects of usage on designs.

He works closely with his team and appreciates the supportive environment, crediting them with “unwavering support and guidance throughout my time with CR Powered by Epiroc.”

In fact, Andres says his support systems at CR Powered by Epiroc are some of the best he’s had in his career.

CR Powered by Epiroc encourages this level of support across all our teams, from new starters to senior leaders; everyone deserves to feel supported at work.

Andres says, ” CR Powered by Epiroc has people working all over the globe each with different experiences, allowing for more diverse ideas. Our diverse team is what sets CR Powered by Epiroc apart from the rest.”

When he’s not designing new products, Andres spends his downtime playing soccer, video games, and powerlifting.