Titan™ sets new standard for mining technology

CQMS Razer is pushing the boundaries of productivity with the Titan™ system

May 4, 2018

CQMS Razer is pushing the boundaries of productivity with its new Titan™ system.

Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation Technology is the leading real-time hydraulic shovel payload monitoring system, increasing average payloads while reducing safety overloads, delivering improved production over an optimised load haul fleet.

The Titan system delivers:

  • Intuitive in-cab operating system providing real-time feedback and reporting
  • Cycle and truck payload to target real-time data
  • Structural fatigue monitoring of the Boom and Stick via add-on Strain gauging module
  • Multiple data reporting options, including scheduled daily reports, online dashboards, and historical analytics are available
  • High-Precision GPS (HPGPS) and machine reducing level (RL) to enable dig to plan
  • A simple intuitive user interface (UI)

Titan 3330™ system uses highly sophisticated instruments and patented algorithms to calculate and display the payload of each bucket, accurately, in real-time and during motion, before it is dumped into the truck.

This video showcases how the mining information technology solution could benefit your mine site.

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