How to optimise mine equipment maintenance

Every mining operation is looking to optimise uptime. CR looks at three ways to enhance maintenance regimes on your site.

May 12, 2021

Every mining operation is looking to optimise uptime. The more time your equipment spends operational and doing its job, the more productive and profitable your operation is likely to be. This means effective maintenance is essential.

Here are three ways to enhance maintenance regimes on your site:

Optimize equipment design

Equipment that is ill-suited to the task at hand is likely to create problems. Parts will wear out more rapidly, leading to unplanned stoppages and potentially catastrophic failures, and productivity will suffer. Always ensure you have the best tool for the job.

Invest in technology

Mining technology is rapidly evolving as OEMs look for ways to make their equipment more efficient and long-lasting. Investigate the solutions that are emerging for the different tasks within your mining operations. Some can significantly extend maintenance intervals, reducing maintenance costs and the total cost of operation.

Prioritise safety

Don’t fall into the trap of making short-term up-time gains at the expense of safety. Unplanned stoppages due to accidents and incidents will seriously eat into any savings you make and demoralise staff.

CR Mining understands the challenges mining operators face in terms of maintenance efficiency. That’s why it developed the DecaEdge™ Cast Lip range. Employing plane alignment, spade angle optimisation, and optimised material placement, the system removes outdated plate lip features. DecaEdge™ lips can go for more than 12 months’ maintenance free on WA1200 class loaders. Find out more about our DecaEdge Cast Lips including our digitally-enabled DecaEdge DE1545 cast lip.