Titan 3330 Reaches Billion Tonne Milestone

Today marks more than one billion tonnes of resources mined by CR Digital’s clients using their world-first flagship technology, Titan 3330TM.

The Titan 3330 Load Haul Optimization System uses highly sophisticated instruments and patented algorithms to accurately calculate and display real-time bucket payload data to the machine operator, enabling increased loading accuracy and efficiency. The technology is proven to help increase average payloads, improve productivity and reduce safety risk overloads across load haul fleets.

Head of Digital for CR Digital Mr Damian Assaillit said they reached the milestone ahead of schedule thanks to strong ongoing product interest from some of the world’s leading miners and contractors.

“We continue to lead the way in real-time on-machine technologies, it’s now proven globally to deliver productivity improvements no matter what commodity, machine make or model – Titan 3330T really is the leader and we are extremely proud of our team to have achieved this milestone,” said Mr Assaillit.

“One billion tonnes really puts us into another league, up there with some of the biggest milestones of modern mining technology, like autonomous haul trucks.

‘We’re delivering world-first technologies that provide real-time data that can be integrated into operations for some of the most complex challenges facing global mining companies.

“Proven in the field, our technology has been a breakthrough for the surface mining industry and we’re proud of how it continues to deliver real results for our clients.”

Titan 3330 empowers operators to improve their productivity and truck load accuracy by displaying real-time data on bucket weight and truck payload targets. Operators can self-correct potential damaging dig techniques, improve overall performance, reducing possible loading machine and truck long-term damage, and potentially reducing unscheduled down time.

CR Digital’s technology portfolio also includes Digital Terrain Mapping, which can map mine terrain in real-time using lidar scanners and GPS sensors to deliver improved survey accuracy and reducing dig to plan errors before draglines are moved.

CR Digital Productivity Technology is on public display today and tomorrow for the first time at the 2019 Future of Mining conference in Sydney, Australia at the CR Digital stand #22.