Supply Chain Excellence

CR Mining has been setting the industry standard for dragline buckets for over 35 years.

Our next-generation Hurricane dragline bucket is proven to increase productivity by up to 16% by shortening cycle times, reducing drag energy, and increasing machine availability through robust design.

That dragline expertise has now been applied to dragline chain and rigging.

As a long-time supplier of dragline buckets to Blair Athol mine, we were pleased to expand our relationship with our first rope-to-rope installation of dragline chain and rigging.

We know how critical dragline up time is for open cut coal mines. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in our strong global supply chain.

The result: we were able to progress from order to installation of chain for Blair Athol within a month.

We’re also known for our legendary service. Site account managers are on site regularly and always available for help and support. From regular inspections to hands-on advice, we put our experience to work for you. The goal is to become embedded in your operations, gaining deep knowledge of your unique site conditions, maintenance practices, and operational goals.

It’s all part of our sustainable business model. We work with our customers to meet both their immediate short-term needs and plan for the long term.

To boil it down to one question: What else can we do for you?