Meet Ian

Ian started at CR in 2013 as a Senior Engineer with a background in mechanical engineering and material handling.

Over his time at CR, Ian has been involved in developing, field testing, and optimizing a spectrum of products including GET, lips, rigging, and was heavily involved in finishing the design of CR’s first rope shovel product, the DipperEdge.

Promoted to a global role, Ian now looks after a key CR global customer to ensure they have an expert consultant on hand for technical support and product development.

“Working at CR is diverse, full-on, and constantly changing. It’s refreshing to work at a company that is agile, constantly developing new marketing leading, unique products.

A great part of working at CR is that I’m not always at a computer, with a wide spectrum of activities to engage in.

The entire company is working towards one goal, with different teams collaborating and celebrating unified success. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated, and there is a supportive and friendly culture that is really nice to be part of.”