Meet Chelsea

Chelsea CR Digital's Senior Software Engineer
Chelsea: CR Powered by Epiroc’s Senior Software Engineer

After studying Mechanical Engineering and completing a thesis in ‘Optimising digging trajectories for diggers through operator guidance’, Chelsea started as a Graduate Engineer at LC Engineering (acquired by CR Powered by Epiroc). With an interest in optimizing performance, Chelsea started work on maximizing the potential of Dragline buckets through developing structural monitoring systems.

When an opportunity arose for Chelsea to leverage the work completed in her thesis, she moved teams to help build the software for payload monitoring for hydraulic machines (now CR Powered by Epiroc’s Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation System). Now a Product Owner and Senior Software Engineer, Chelsea led the latest product initiative at CR Powered by Epiroc, developing payload software for Wheel Loaders!

“I have always felt very supported working at CR Powered by Epiroc. Starting as a graduate, I was exposed to different areas in the technology business, and when there was something I was interested in, my managers would always support me take the jump and grow my knowledge and skillset. At CR Powered by Epiroc, I have been given the opportunity to work on some industry-leading projects which are very exciting.”